"The "Big Bang" Is The Spark of Imagination"

"Every second in life is like a drop of water in an ocean of ideas.

Only our illusion is the reality of our existence."

Once Composer Paul Joseph entered into the mysterious world of the King of the Mask, he was inspired to bring out the images, colors, moods and feelings of the Kingdom through a fifty-minute musical fantasy symphony.

This collaboration of visual art and music then evolved to incorporate a third discipline: Dance,and was performed in Manhattan, by Ballet Long Island and Dance Visions NY, and by Woodbury Studio of Dance Arts  in Flushing, NY

I usually do not record where or when.

Where I come from it is not needed.

I live in an eternal kingdom which rules the king of the mask under the gods and goddesses.

Destiny guides the light in an obscure universe where only beauty is the path.